Dreaming is all about what’s ahead… and often based on experiences.

Clients love in-person strategy sessions here in Colorado, but I wanted a way to help more people.

So last year I tried an experiment

I wrote a book about branding, and offered it at a conference where I was speaking. Scary, right?

The response was amazing. I sold out of books, and sales doubled over the next two months. (By the way, I didn’t even have the book available on my web site or Amazon… All the post-conference sales were from referrals!)

Besides being a pretty cool way to test an idea, the feedback gave me confidence that this process would work for others – in book and video formats.

Takeaway: TEST an idea a little before you INVEST a lot!

That sounds pretty smart, right? But there’s more to last year’s story…  I was terrified. About speaking, and about my book.





I tell clients that a brand (embodied in a web site, social media, text, images, and actions) should be pulling you forward, not holding you back.

I was hiding.

I needed my brand to catch up with me, and get out ahead!  Can you relate?


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