This post is from the guru of live video, Ryan Bilello. (I recommend him.)  Heard of Pericope, Blab, Facebook Live? Here’s some questions to get you on board!


In March 2015 live video took some big steps in becoming a vital part of how people use social media. Specifically apps like Meerkat and Periscope took center stage as places where people could broadcast live video on a global scale.

If you’re building a business, or more specifically a personal brand, here are 5 of the most common questions I get from people trying to decide if live video is worthwhile.

How is live video like Periscope different than traditional video you see on YouTube or Facebook?

Unlike a lot of the videos you see on other social media networks, Periscope (& Facebook Live), are meant to be used more spontaneously. The goal is to give a live, unedited view of your world, thoughts, and expertise. There are no banner ads and no other distractions. It demands full attention, which is an advantage for your brand attention not readily available on other networks like Twitter or Instagram.

What kind of equipment do I need to get started?

This isn’t YouTube. Raw, uncut, behind the scenes is gold here. If I recommend anything I say, find a nice window with natural light to shine on your face and if you’re any place that has a lot of background noise, plug in your headphones (with built in mic) to help audio sound better.

Here’s how every feature of the Periscope app works.

What do I talk about? How long should I go?

There’s no cookie cutter answer to content and length. Your brand has already been communicating a message in other places. Look to your blog, podcast, email list, and other places you share your expertise.

These topics can and should be shared on live video. This is a great place to start because it provides answers to both of these questions.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a blog or other medium, just introduce yourself. Spend one to three minutes telling people who you are, what you do, and how you can serve them.

What should I say to the people who are watching live?

This will vary from each session you record. You should always acknowledge that there are live viewers. When you first start and whenever a viewer invites their followers to watch are great times to engage with them. Sometimes Periscope can be goofy, and even though you may see a “0” there are indeed people watching.

Engage your live viewers, ask them questions (like where they’re watching from), and tell them to ask questions when they have them. It’s a balance between engaging with your live audience and progressing through your content.

What do I do after I’ve finished?

To make your time and effort worthwhile you have to be intentional with continuing the relationship and conversation with your viewers after you’ve ended your live video.

If you have an email list, offer a free resource they can get right after your live video ends. Include the link in your bio and if it’s a short URL, include it in the title of your video.

Bitly is a great tool to create a short URL and track how many clicks you’re getting from your live video.

If you don’t have a list, direct them to another more established social media network. What other social media networks are you well established on?

While some claim live video as the greatest thing on planet earth, it’s not something that needs to replace what you’re already doing with social media. It can, however, be a powerful tool when needed.

What do you think of Periscope and other live video options? Are you consistently using one of them? What’s your biggest hesitation in using it? Send me a snap or tweet and let me know what you think of live video.

Ryan Bilello is an online creative who helps entrepreneurs, speakers and small businesses build relationships, increase influence, and maximize profits through social media. You can connect with him at his website or send him a snap. You also can follow him on Periscope.


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