If you want to begin or build your public speaking career, you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Personally, I’d like to do more public speaking, so I was jazzed to find out about the new book, Get Picked – Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Creating an Irresistible Speaker Proposal  by Aurora Gregory and David Pitlik.

Turns out, my strategy of sending emails with “Pick Me! Pick Me!” in the subject line was flawed…

But seriously, I found the book to have just the right mix of practical “how to’s” and challenging insights to curate my personal brand.

  • How to find conferences to pitch your expertise
  • How to make your idea a hot topic
  • What makes a great presentation title
  • How to use storytelling to sell your presentation idea
  • Making the most of the limited word counts most call-for- speakers allow

Not only does the book break down the steps to break into the speaking world, the authors’ tips on crafting a great presentation are worth the price of the book!

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.48.48 PMYou’re an expert in something – Get Picked will show you how to take what you know and pitch yourself as a conference or workshop presenter.

Speaking is a powerful way to build your personal brand and reach more people. Executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, artisans, nonprofit leaders – anyone can showcase their expertise with a conference audience.

But before that can happen, you have to get picked to speak. The authors’ insights into the behind-the-scenes selection process is eye-opening!

And that means your speaker proposal has to be irresistible, so it stands out from the crowd. This book will teach you how to create a proposal that dramatically increases your chances of being selected.


Video bonus

If you purchase on or before June 28th, you can also receive a mini-video course – free! Just make your purchase and  email a copy of your receipt to getpickedtospeak@gmail.com and the authors will send you access to their five-part video series. More cool stuff at www.getpickedtospeak.com

“Get Picked? I thought the book was about noses . . .” —Rainn Wilson, Actor & Author

Buy the Paperback or Kindle.


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