Are you stressed about growing your platform? (Your email list and the number of followers on social media) More like obsessed, right?

Do you know the number of social media followers, accurate to within 3 people? How many times per week do you check?

A friendly reminder

It doesn’t take a big platform to be successful. And by “successful” I mean financially, as an author, artist, business owner… you name it!

If you’ve ever considered sending money to web sites promising “Guaranteed Growth” or “a Gazillion Fans” I can relate.  I’ve watched too many of those webinars and learned some valuable lessons.


You can own a thriving online business and have nine Facebook likes.

You can enjoy a stream of purchases from your web site, and not remember your Twitter password.

It’s possible to get a publishing contract, and not blog every week.

If your business model requires six pre-scheduled Tweets per day, you might not have a real business model.

If you believe you need ten-thousand fans before you (fill in the blank), maybe the problem is simply procrastination.


Do you have three people around you that you’ve helped, in ways that earned their respect – and their money? There’s no excuse for not handing a copy of your book to people every week.

How about twelve people? (You can make quite an impact with a twelve-person tribe!)

Then why?

Why try so hard to connect with thousands of strangers?

Does someone else’s online popularity mean your voice isn’t as important? Don’t jump into the arena of comparison. (It doesn’t end well.)


Affirmation is my drug of choice. How about you?

As a result, perceived lack of affirmation (the sound of crickets chirping) can trigger self-doubt. Time spent looking for the next social adrenaline fix keeps me from working on my own art and serving those around me.

I need to purposefully limit my time in the neighborhoods where this drug is sold. Not everyone is tempted by this, but I am.

Detox takes time.

Myth & Math

The myth is that you need ever-exploding social numbers to be “successful.” Don’t believe the myth, but watch the math.

If you’re selling zero books or services with a 100-person platform, you’ll probably sell zero with a 1,000-person platform. (Any number times zero equals zero.)

Elevate your platform by serving three people this week, regardless of monetary or social impact.

Become great at helping people through your written words.

Yes, pay attention to your connections. Just remember, social media is a great place to give, but it’s a lousy (and frustrating) place to get.

Measure your success by your service, not by the crowd.

It only takes a one-person platform to refer you to some amazing connections.

Agree? Disagree? Something to add?

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