Do you ever feel a struggle between creating confidently and serving with humility?
We hear well intentioned advice about being more confident, which seems to erode our concept of humility – and vice versa. This keeps many people stuck. (Who am I to say or do this?)
I experience this tension, and so do my clients, who are often in need of a confidence boost in order to blog, write, dream, and take action.
Here’s what has proven helpful for people who have a desire to break through to the next level:
Know that you can be both confident AND humble.
These two attitudes are not mutually exclusive. In fact, fearing a lack of humility will erode the God-given confidence you need to put out great work, and try remarkable things!
You can be humble and be:









If you’re not being (or trying) these attributes, the people you are serving (as well as your friends and family) are missing out!
Giving your best, often involves risky flights of confidence.
Sometimes those lead to crashes, but a humble attitude will bring it all together for your growth.
When your highest aim is to serve, a selfless confidence will free you to try more – and believe you can be more.  
In other words, when it’s about others, and not about you, you’ll stay on track.
Do you believe you can be confident and humble?
Experiment with being BOTH today.
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