Once again, I’m challenging myself for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m taking some time to trace back how the good things in my life came about—the prized introductions, the unique opportunities, and the abundance of slack I’ve been granted… all by generous individuals around me.

These people had a choice.

I write books, business plans, and branding strategies because someone gave me an (undeserved) opportunity to try.

I work with amazing people, because some other amazing people introduced me. They didn’t have to.

I live in my dream location with my dream girl. I don’t deserve it. (Just ask her! 😉 )

We all have challenges and down days. I’m having one of those days today, as a matter of fact. But Thanksgiving is here and gratefulness is a choice – every day!

Yep – Every good thing in our lives comes from God. And almost always, this goodness is flowing through other people.

It’s easier for me to whisper thank you to God than take time to thank the person who made an impact.

It’s humbling to give thanks to someone. And uncomfortable – especially if I’ve forgotten the grace they showed me.

Pick one area in your life you’re thankful for. Trace back through the trail of crumbs you were given. You’ll rediscover the many people who played a role in your journey.

  • Enjoy your job? Who took a risk to refer you?
  • Have a skill? Who gave you a chance to develop it?
  • Enjoy laughing with your good friend? Who introduced you?

Since we don’t have God’s mailing address, write a note to some people who helped you. You might just make their day!

You and I have a choice. Choose to reach out and help one person today.

Since the Almighty doesn’t drink coffee (hard to imagine, I know) buy someone a cup. Look them in the eye and thank them.

Tell them you remember. Tell them God remembers.

Take a moment. Thank God. And thank a person!  (Maybe even share this post with them…)


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