Not finished drafting your book? Start planning the launch – today!

There’s nothing mysterious about a successful book launch. It’s simply calendar-focused attention to your goals.

I didn’t invent the concept of a book launch, but I want clients to succeed based on what I’ve learned. I have been a part of many book, brand, product, podcast, and brand launches—and led several for my awesome clients. I’ve been a part of two successful New York Times bestseller campaigns (with very small launch teams), and every Amazon campaign I’ve led resulted in at least one #1 rank.

(In this post I’ll share some concepts to spark your thinking, but I also hope you’ll invest just a few dollars in a new resource I created for you. If the plan and tips I include help you sell just 2 more books, or score an endorsement from an influencer, your investment will pay off. Kind of a no-brainer, right? 😉 )

And by the way – this strategy works! (Screen shot from Launch Day, below)







“But Mike, I’m a writer, not a marketer. And I hate doing sales!”

That’s exactly why you need a proven strategy, and detailed plan. Most writers are not great marketers, but that does not mean they can’t follow a plan, add their own personality, and enjoy reaching more people with their words.

(By the way, telling your story is the essence of marketing, and introducing people to something that will improve their lives is the essence of sales.)

Let’s start with some simple goals.

Clarify your goals:

How do you define “success” with your book launch?

  • Grow your audience (email and/or social media)
  • Big sales on release date, and reviews on release week (Pick a number!)
  • Position yourself as an expert or thought-leader
  • Obtain speaking opportunities (and guest-posting on other sites)
  • Amazon #1 ranking (even for a day)
  • Amazon reviews

Without knowing what your goals are, you won’t focus on the right aspects of launch, and you won’t be able to measure success.












Your Book is Not Your Boss

Books come and go. In five years, this book will be a memory, and at best, a nice backlist title. If your book doesn’t elevate your platform and strengthen your brand, the priorities are mixed up.

In other words, you can use all your energy, empty your bank of favors, and tap your network to raise awareness about buying this book—or use this book to raise awareness about you and your brand.

Your brand is the center of attention—not your book!

Is Your Foundation Ready for a Launch?

People judge books by their covers—and they judge authors by their brands.

Are you truly proud of these brand elements? (That all impact sales and reviews)

  • Web site
  • Bio Photo
  • Social media profiles
  • Book cover
  • Book title and subtitle (It’s not too late to change it!)
  • Book description
  • Endorsements

Endorsements and Foreword

Do not launch your book without endorsements, okay?

Do not finish your cover until you have an endorsement on the back cover, and it’s best to also have a short endorsement blurb on the front cover.

Endorsements build credibility, position you as a thought leader, and move people closer to the BUY button.

In just a few short pages you provided a comprehensive overview of how – and what – to do to promote a new book. Excellent, excellent, excellent work!

In fact, my only complaint is that you didn’t publish “My Launch Planner” BEFORE I self-published my 1st book – D.P.

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Interview with Frank McKinley:

Amazon Ranking examples

Here’s a potential goal: the orange “#1 New Release” banner. (This screen shot is from launch day, so you’ll note there were only two reviews)

Don’t forget to watch for “Hot New Releases.” Click your ranking to see this display:


“What if I already released my book?”

There’s a big difference between a release and a launch. The good news is, you can launch, or re-launch, your book any time. If you do, make sure there’s a legitimate reason for the hoopla.

For example: The paperback is now available, the Kindle is ready, the Nook is … (wait, never mind that one), the Audio book is here, or the book is now 40% off! 

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This simple planner includes email templates, and a step-by-step process to help you reach more people.


I absolutely loved your ebook!  It’s so informative and you dropped so many jewels of wisdom. I was planning to launch my book next month but I realized I have work to do. So the wheels have been turning about the “little big things” that your planner reminded me to do before launch. – F.O.

So, tell me… What are your big questions about your book launch? (Comment below or contact me)

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