I’m honored to introduce you to a gifted writer, Chris Morris. His new book, Perfectly Abnormal, is thought-provoking and heart-expanding. (I’m honored to call him my friend)

How to get a book blurb you feel you don’t deserve (even though you do)

“One of those books that should be required reading for churches longing to provide a welcoming environment for all their members. And it should be required reading for any human who wants to love, empathize, and walk in the shoes of another. I so appreciated Chris Morris’ wise theology of suffering and his keen insight into those who don’t fit the straightjacket of what society calls ‘normal.’ An excellent book, well written. “

These are the words that a successful author wrote about my book, Perfectly Abnormal: Uncovering the Image of God in Chronic Illness. I still smile every time I read those words. They fill my soul with happiness, because this recommendation comes from one of my writing heroes.

A year ago, I knew who Mary DeMuth was, but she had no idea who I was. In a world of platforming phonies, Mary chooses the path of transparency. She builds her brand based on who she really is, whether it’s perfect or not. In part because of this choice, she has published over 30 books. It’s also largely why I admire her so much.

Beyond that, she’s generous with what she knows. She doesn’t hide all of her “real knowledge” behind an arbitrary pay-wall. No, she shares a good amount of what she’s learned over the decades of her career with openness and willingness. She’s a true gem.

Mary and I unexpectedly ended up as faculty at the same Christian writers’ conference, and found each other at the airport. After some stammering and thoroughly embarrassing fanboy moments, I recovered my dignity.

Then something weird happened… we started talking, as though we were both human beings.

She discovered I am not only an author but also a CPA focused on helping creative entrepreneurs. She told me that she would need to sit down with me and ask a few questions, because she didn’t trust her accountant. A few days later we did just that, along with several other conversations. We left the conference as friends.

A few months later, Mary DeMuth interviewed me on her ReStory podcast. I shared about my journey with chronic illness. She told me in the after-show segment she was stunned to hear my story, and admired the strength I had to push through each day. After a few more minutes, we went our separate ways.

When the fall rolled around, I was ready to launch Perfectly Abnormal and I was looking for an endorsement blurb from someone. I reached out to Mary, hoping but not expecting anything much at all. About a week later, I got the blurb I opened this article with. I was shocked at first, but less so the more I think about it.

I did exactly what Mike Loomis and others have coached me to do. I built a strong connection with Mary DeMuth, but I didn’t waste her time when we had a chance to talk. Instead, I offered her something of real value – accounting advice and a guest appearance on her ReStory show. Therefore, I wasn’t a stranger to her when I reached out asking about Perfectly Abnormal.

I was a friend, so it was easy to say yes.

One other thing – I wrote her an extremely short email. It couldn’t have been more than 4 sentences. I didn’t want her to read a novella to get to my question. I even bolded it for her. Again, I made “yes” an easy choice.

Maybe you’ll never run into one of your writing heroes in the airport, but you can still follow the same path I did.

Who knows – maybe you’ll end up with a stellar recommendation too.


Chris Morris writes about redefining normal and building hope in the face of chronic illnesses and special needs. His writing is founded on the belief that circumstances don’t prevent thriving, but create opportunities for God to demonstrate his goodness. By day, he is the founder and managing partner of the creatively named accounting firm Chris Morris CPA, so Chris brings a unique analytic perspective to deeply emotional topics. He also provides a full breadth of tax and accounting services to the creative entrepreneurial space. chrismorriswrites.com

Grab his wonderful book HERE


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