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Can’t say it enough: get OUTSIDE perspective on your brand. My background is branding & I still invest in counsel from Mike. Worth it!

– Kelsey Humphreys – Entrepreneur and Video Journalist



I’ve started and sold two businesses. But when I started helping others launch their ideas, things really started to click.

I help people who want to help people. We work together to articulate with excellence and reach as many people as possible.

My successes, and failures, help me serve clients who want to see their dream come to life.


I can’t tell you how much this meeting has helped to get focus and clarity. In addition to the wisdom & experience you bring to the table, I know that I made the right choice for me. Specifically, I appreciate your calm demeanor, and the fact that you listen, pivoting when necessary, or clarifying before moving ahead. THANK YOU. – Kathy R.



Primarily, I coach:

  • Authors and aspiring writers
  • Editors:  I’ve helped many editors and writers build thriving freelance careers.
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers – including guidance on startups
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • People, like you, with crazy ideas and big dreams

Services I provide:

  • Branding
  • Growth Strategy
  • Web design and content development
  • Becoming Location-Independent
  • Passive income models
  • Writer Coaching
  • Business Plan Development
  • Integrated E-commerce and Communications
  • Video Production
  • Book and ebook development
  • Video Course Creation and Marketing
  • Strategy Intensive Sessions (Here in the Colorado mountains, or where you live)


Stop wondering what your next business investment should be. Don’t spend a dime, or any more time, anywhere else. Take advantage of Mr. Loomis’s arsenal of knowledge and experience and watch how he over-delivers to brings you farther than you could have imagined. You would be hard-pressed to find a wiser business investment, I cannot stress this enough. – Tash Stewart 


Books, businesses, nonprofits, products, and services are not the true goal, they are simply tactics. Our goal is life change. 

Contact me and let’s discuss

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Summer Intensive Sessions:

  • Fresh mountain air = elevated thinking
  • World-class fishing, hiking, biking… or sitting around and eating!
  • Talking with experts in business, writing, marketing, and PR.
  • Launching your dreams into action.
  • (Contact me for dates and schedules)


Business strategy and the great outdoors


Winter Intensive Sessions:

  • Fresh mountain air = elevated thinking
  • World-class skiing, riding, snowshoeing, and eating!
  • Talking with experts in business, writing, marketing, and PR.
  • Launching your dreams into action
  • (Contact me for dates and schedules)



Mike, we all felt that we were in the hands of a true professional, brother, and encouraging fan. Thanks for sharing your rich background, experiences and leadership talents with us. We made real progress and have lots to work on. –  Paul Stanley

Your brand audit document is amazing. You put words to challenges, pitfalls, etc. that we have faced for some time.  You have offered really creative solutions.  I really loved it!  …Raving reviews.  Thank you.  – Morgan with Ransomed Heart

Mike – The time together in Winter Park was rich and deeply appreciated.  We took quantum leaps last week!  – Jeff


Other people and organizations I’ve served:

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Dr. Gary Smalley

Penguin / Random House Publishers

Dave Jewitt – Your One Degree

Wycliffe Associates

Grand County, Colorado

Waterbrook / Multnomah Publishers

Dr. Barbara Sorrels

Zondervan Publishers

John Eldredge / Ransomed Heart

Dr. Todd Hall

Launch Out Conference

John Mason

Simon and Schuster Publishers

The Message and NavPress

Christian Leadership Alliance

Dr. Nathan Baxter

T.D. Jakes

American Airlines


Your One Degree

… many more…


Here’s a trailer for a video series I produced:



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