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What I love about Mike Loomis is his authenticity. There is no one who is more suited to help you understand that your brand is more than just an ad—it’s the purest articulation of who you are and what you’re called to do in this world. Listen to him!.

– Jeff Goins, bestselling author of The Art of Work


Is your personal brand moving you toward your goals, or keeping you stuck?

Will your brand connect with the people you want to reach?

Don’t build a brand that makes you work. Build a brand that works for you.

While starting and selling two business, I stumbled my way into brand-building. As I look back, I would have benefitted from the outside perspective of a seasoned brand manager.

Since then I’ve helped bestselling authors, aspiring writers, international nonprofits, businesses, and even government agencies establish a brand that takes them to the next level.


  • Copywriting
  • Logo design
  • Web design and content development (OR work with your design team)
  • Photography
  • Blog Coaching
  • Business Plan Development
  • Video Production
  • Email campaigns
  • Brand-building Books and e-Papers
  • Social Media text and imagery
  • Strategy Intensive Sessions (Here in the Colorado mountains, or where you live)


For consultants, writers, and entrepreneurs, building an authentic personal brand is the foundation of your business! As a literary agent and author-coach, I understand that publishers sign brands, not books.

I define personal branding this way:

“Personal branding is simply the public expression of your calling.”

This is part of the premise behind my book and video course. (Learn more here)

Contact me to take your brand to the next level.


Mike is largely responsible for my brand jumping into the high 6-figures over the last two years. – CJ McDaniel, Adazing




A sampling of brand-building services:

1. My book, Your Brand is Calling – Build a Personal Brand to Reflect and Connect. 
This concise book helps people walk through the process themselves. I recommend the paperback, since there is plenty of homework – and lines for writing. (Learn more here)


2. Three-Point brand audit:
This is a low-cost way to get feedback. Motivated clients can take the info and run, or engage further. (Learn more here)


3. Tagline, pitch, and ABOUT-page development:
Includes as much brainstorming as needed to arrive at the perfect verbiage to elevate your brand.
4. Logo and web design:
The second business I sold was a graphic design and web development firm.
For those who want a more strategic approach design that will endure, my team and I will deliver. We offer a very solid, mobile-friendly WordPress site, including social-share tools and MailChimp integration. I can also write or edit the copy. (See a few examples below)


5. Strategy intensive:
A two-day session here in the mountains of Colorado, or wherever you prefer. Includes 30 days of pre-meeting discussion/planning, a comprehensive report, and 30 days of follow-up. Clients receive a clear roadmap on brand, books/products, marketing, connecting with influencers, and tons more.

 Contact me to discuss you goals.

Mike’s advice will help you to dramatically differentiate yourself from the masses & uniquely position your brand to make powerful connections. – JARED EASLEY, Author and Founder of Podcast Movement

Mike Loomis teaches you the hows and whys of letting your authentic self shine through in your brand, allowing you to connect with the right people and for the right reasons. The result is a sustainable, authentic brand. – MATT HAM, Author and Speaker




This book will help you build your personal brand with confidence.

220px-Phil_CookeIn today’s distracted and hyper-competitive world, your initial perception matters more than ever. The problem is, most people are confused about their brand. Mike Loomis has changed all that with an easy to understand, yet in-depth look at what personal branding is, and how it can change your future. 
Your Brand is Calling” will open your eyes to the power of perception and how you can shape it to advance your message, your expertise, and your purpose.
 – Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of, Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media  



Your brand audit document is amazing. You put words to challenges, pitfalls, etc. that we have faced for some time. You have offered really creative solutions. I really loved it! Raving reviews. – Morgan Snyder, Author and Executive at Ransomed Heart (Founded by John Eldredge)


A few examples of web design and branding


























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