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A Healthy Bottom Line

A Healthy Bottom Line

In high school, I dreaded gym class because I was a total klutz… still am! But I’ve learned to love daily exercise as a way to clear my head and connect with what matters.

Here are three reasons we don’t exercise, and three new ways to embrace physical activity as part of a successful business plan.

The #1 Trap New Brands Fall Into

The #1 Trap New Brands Fall Into

Nearly all emerging brands fall into the same trap.

Unless you’re a serial entrepreneur, it’s natural to feel hesitant about any new venture and especially tentative about a personal brand.

There are warning signs…

Does Your BIO Tell a Story?

Does Your BIO Tell a Story?

Does your bio tell a story? Or does it read like a resume?

Is there any personality in the words?

Do people get to know the real you?

Take some risks and put your heart out there when writing your bio.