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Build a Personal Brand to Reflect and Connect


Does your brand reflect your story?

Is your personal brand moving you toward your writing goals?

This video course, will help you build your personal brand with confidence.


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The practical 30-day process will help you reach more people in less time, and save you money on all expressions of your personal brand (blogs, web, logo, photography, and more).


Regularly $199, but now $99

and includes Mike’s 3-point review of your brand!


What I love about Mike Loomis is his authenticity. There is no one who is more suited to help you understand that your brand is more than just an ad—it’s the purest articulation of who you are and what you’re called to do in this world. Listen to him!.Jeff Goins, podcaster and bestselling author of The Art of Work



How do I tell the world who I am? (In a way that doesn’t feel fake)

What’s a “good” tagline, logo, web site, or photo?

And, what exactly is a brand?

As a result of this uncertainty, people either delay launch, or unfortunately, launch poorly. Both these approaches waste money, time, and opportunity.

It’s actually possible to have a clear, confident approach to building your personal brand.



GOLD LEVEL: Regularly $199 – But 50% off for friends of Write To Done

  • Ten video sessions
  • Ten process worksheets
  • Personal review of your brand, ideas, and questions via email




  • How to launch an author brand that feels right (and freaks you out!)

  • How to update a personal brand

  • How to tell if a photo or video is “good” or not

  • A process for developing your tagline, pitch, and bio

220px-Phil_CookeMost people are confused about their brand.  Mike Loomis has changed all that with an easy to understand, yet in-depth look at what personal branding is, and how it can change your future.  
Your Brand is Calling will open your eyes to the power of perception and how you can shape it to advance your message, your expertise, and your purpose.
 – Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of, Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media  


Regularly $199, but now $99

and includes a 3-point review of your brand from Mike!



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