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Giving Thanks – to People

Giving Thanks – to People

Once again, I’m challenging myself for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m taking some time to trace back how the good things in my life came about—the prized introductions, the unique opportunities, and the abundance of slack I’ve been granted… all by generous people around me.

People who had a choice!…

Does Your BIO Tell a Story?

Does Your BIO Tell a Story?

Does your bio tell a story? Or does it read like a resume?

Is there any personality in the words?

Do people get to know the real you?

Take some risks and put your heart out there when writing your bio.

Your Book is Not Your Boss

Your Book is Not Your Boss

I was advising an author recently about her book launch and realized that she was pouring all her time and energy into making sure this book was a success.

What’s the problem with that, Mike?

Well, books come and go. In five years, this book will be a memory, and at best, a nice backlist title. But if your book doesn’t elevate your platform and strengthen your brand, the priorities are mixed up.