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5 Questions to End Your Indecisiveness About Live Video

5 Questions to End Your Indecisiveness About Live Video

This post is from the guru of live video, Ryan Bilello. Heard of Pericope, Blab, Facebook Live? Here’s some questions to get to on board!

In March 2015 live video took some big steps in becoming a vital part of how people use social media. Specifically apps like Meerkat and Periscope took center stage as places where people could broadcast live video on a global scale.

If you’re building a business, or more specifically a personal brand, here are 5 of the most common questions I get from people trying to decide if live video is worthwhile.

How Employee Autonomy Impacts Engagement

How Employee Autonomy Impacts Engagement

This guest post by David Burkus was inspired by concepts from chapter twelve of his new book, Under New Management. (Which I highly recommend!)

Decades of research has revealed that giving employees more control over their destiny greatly improves productivity and engagement.

Are managers even necessary in this day and age?